Siaw Ping
A new year has just started.

And you know….

I was like dreaming when the iPhone was in my hand palm

My big boss passed to me the iPhone on Sunday when we went to manager’s full-moon dinner.

And you think….

I need not pay anything for it.

When my big boss was in Taiwan for business trip, he settled the phone stuff there as he wanted to pass to me straight away after he was back to KL.

This iPhone was used as his oversea phone. He passed it to me and he bought another new phone for oversea usage.

He registered a new number for me, cleaned the phone (including internal components), did the settings and he paid everything before passing to me.

He said he will foot the bill every month and asked me to use it without worries as the package is unlimited database usage.

And you guess….

Whole team knows about the surprise except me

My colleagues knew it and they didn’t tell me anything pun

Because they want to see how touched I am

They just pretended they knew nothing until “suddenly” I got the iPhone and …

They keep calling and messaging me although we were all together under one roof

And you feel….

That’s what I feel

Unexpected gift for a new year