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Please read 1 Corinthians 3:5 before proceed.


One prophet fainted and lied on bed for days. When he woke up, he saw one brother sitting beside him. The brother said that he didn’t leave ever since the prophet fainted. The prophet asked the reason why he was doing so. The brother said that the prophet was the light of his life. The prophet sighed because the brother looked up at him as the role model instead of GOD. His life does not shine out the light of Christ.


No matter how attractive my life is, or how wonderful GOD has blessed me, I am just a mirror that reflects GOD’s glory. The main purpose is to draw people near to GOD and not towards me.

I may be astonished at GOD’s doing in somebody’s life. I just realised that he/she is a mirror. Reflection of mirror can brighten up the surrounding, but mirror itself does not emit light. Yupe, I want to follow GOD, not mirror. If we become the follower of mirror, once the mirror is broken, our belief is varnished together with the broken pieces.

Although mirror is fragile, I hope I can be a mirror that reflects GOD’s glory. It’s not easy and more and more struggles will unveil as time goes on.

Am in the midst of uncertainty....disappointment....heavy heart....

Gonna to be faithful to GOD and be strong in believing GOD’s promise...
Siaw Ping
Please read psalms 19:14 before proceed reading.

A wolf was caught by a trap. Although he escaped successfully, he lost his tail. From that day onwards, he was laughed and teased by friends, and this made him feeling rather upset. Thus, he thought of ways so that other wolves become the same as him, tail-less. If everyone was tail-less, then he won’t feel that different from them.

So, he gathered his friends and advised them sincerely to "take away" their tails. He said, “How nice it is without tail, weight reduces, movement also becomes very easy-going.” One of the wolves interrupted and said, “My dear friend, if not only you lost your tail, would you still advise us like this?”

This story tells us not to force other people to be in the same shoes as us, thinking that they will only grow if they experience the same as us. GOD let us have our very own special experience, not to let us being boastful about it, instead, for us to learn humbly from the experience.

I have no fellowship life since young and i do long to have such memory when i saw my friends happily enjoy their days, especially during Christmas month. Keep recalling back how my walk with GOD is these few days, how has actually GOD led me through ups and downs in life.....

Sometimes, i tend to forget pieces of pieces when i stand in the midst of people. How i find myself to be that tiny. I am short and I can’t see lots of things in just one sight, spectrum of sight is very limited. Growing background has made me a pampered girl, being protected from any unforeseen circumstances. Some friends say that it’s a good personality to develop as there are not many people having such personality. World has become so complicated that simplicity starts to fade in silence.

I am not that alert and observant to things happening around me. The title of “Working adult” is still not a phrase in my dictionary. It’s really hard for me to understand life of a working adult. In Career Cell Group, every brothers and sisters are unique in the ways that they are. One is divorced, one is illiterate, one is business-minded, and another one is girl-minded.... they are special in my eyes as i have never been with a circle of people of such personality and background.

I have been quite forceful for the past few months, bringing the past-self to this cell group. I know it’s somewhere not right but i just hardly accept..... think of one song ,”yong gan zou chu qu”........

Oh LORD, i don’t want to be the tail-less wolf......

Siaw Ping
Please read Luke 10:38-42 before you proceed with reading.

The verses bring us to the story of Martha and Mary. Both sisters have their very own personalities.

Jesus and his disciples are on the way to a village where they meet Martha and Mary. Martha and Mary are very surprised by his presence in their midst. Martha is very busy getting everything prepared for Jesus and his disciples. However, Mary, on the hand, is so calm and sat down to listen to what Jesus says.

Martha is unhappy with her sister’s attitude, she even asks Jesus to tell Mary to help up. But, in Jesus’s eyes, Mary has chosen what is better, that is to listen to his words rather than distracted to do other things just like Martha does.

Sometimes, we are so used to ‘live’ in a church till we lose the focus. What is the focus? What is your answer? I am sure there is one answer playing in your mind now. We always mention about serving GOD, but the main purpose of serving GOD is to draw us close to GOD, not serving or doing bombastic projects for HIM.

This short devotion material has led me to think about my relationship with GOD. Being in a new church and new cell group, i have been searching for the direction of serving, which area of serving is GOD putting me in? Thus, i look around seek around, what is GOD trying to tell me. It’s kind of struggle being in a totally new and different church/cg.

To my cg members, i guess they see me as a spiritual sister who wants to do the best for the church/cg. I don’t think this is a good impression as people won’t come to me for help as they will feel that i only talk about “GOD, GOD, GOD”. Really a pity when i think about this.

Not to say it’s wrong to lead bible study to lead any special event or to take part in any church/cg activities, but not to forget that everything that we do is to draw us close to GOD. We always say we must learn to serve GOD wherever we go, wherever we are. This has somehow led to wrong perception that, serving GOD is the priority out of all.

I always feel that there is something i can offer for improvement.

I always feel that I still have more potential to discover.

I always feel that I can do more than what I am doing now.

However, all these can’t be done without GOD’s grace and blessing. I forget that GOD is the one who is in control of everything, not me. GOD wants us to listen attentively to HIS words just like Mary does. Not like Martha who is busy around, losing the treasure that GOD has prepared ahead of us.

Sometimes, we may get “over-ss” as we already have the precious gift --- salvation that we forget to sit on HIS leg to listen to HIS story just like a small kid.
Have you forgotten anything? ......................................
Siaw Ping

Last night went to bank to manage my monthly financial planning. I have been praying hard for da zhuan’s camp offering. During university life, it was not difficult when it came to offering as i always have remaining pocket money. Regardless of how much i spent every month, i had no worries of how much i manage to save each month.

November has just started, but i guess i have withdrew more than what i earned this month. I earned quite few this month due to unpaid leave for convocation holiday. I told prince lychee that i intended to offer a token of appreciation to da zhuan. He asked me to pray for the amount.

I pray again specially for this during Saturday prayer meeting. Tears rolling in my eyes and you guess what, prince lychee who was sitting beside me kacau me, saying like that also wanna cry. Refreshed back the moment in camp, juniors and even seniors stand up and out to shine. Their courage and faith touched me.

It was so rush that day that i didn’t bid goodbye with them. Sorry about that. I came to this camp with an excited but heavy heart. Indeed, the pushing force for me to be there is because I miss tuan qi brothers and sisters so much. Guess this would be the only camp after graduation where I know most of the seniors and juniors.

We always share about widow’s offering. But to be frank, i can’t understand thoroughly her feeling. Last night, two transactions was involved, one for da zhuan, one for my own account. Prince lychee who stood beside me suddenly came out with a sentence that struck me. “You give that much for tuan qi, and yet left so little for yourself, you are still the same, always give more to others”. I stared at him, not knowing what to say~

I just taught The Lord’s prayer yesterday in Sunday School. “Give us today our daily bread....”, I do hesitate to offer the amount that keeps playing in my mind.... however, GOD in His very own and wonderful way, told me to “fang shou” and let him be the provider.

I offered all the remaining of my salary and there are few weeks to number before December. No worries ya, what I have is more than enough. >_< I pray that the offering is used to the fullest to bless brothers and sisters. Although it’s just a penny, I believe GOD will somehow multiply it. Story of widow’s offering becomes more significant now, not just merely a story out of many stories.

All i have is from GOD and it’s an experience for me to fully rely on HIM as my provider. I love tuan qi and GOD love me more than that.
Siaw Ping
Yeah, I am back from Kemamam, my very 1st business trip with manager and colleagues.

After coming back, my mood is super duper good. Counting GOD’s blessings every move I make. Plus, it was raining when i popped out of my blanket this morning. This business trip was not merely for work purpose; instead i enjoy scenery that comes into picture, every piece of sharing with colleagues.

Dear friend, now I am a working adult and yet I feel like I am pampered in office. Wakaka. I went out with two big brothers and they really take very good care of me. Both of them kept buying food + titbits to eat. Four-to-five hours of journey was relaxing as we shared lots of childhood memory. My manager even shared his pre-pakto history with us, very funny and movie-like.

I had a very filling breakfast. My favourite roti bakar wor....i ate quite a lot. Hai Peng Kopitiam, heard that it’s well-known in Kemamam. Had my 1st full cup of kopi and mini-sized nasi dagang....hehe....

Bought 30 packets of keropok, ‘kongsi’ with colleagues 20 packets, promise to bring some for Pangkor camp. Yeah! Can’t imagine how enjoyable the sharing time with No.1 keropok in hand.

Almost forget that today is Friday. Tonight will attend Mrs.Chua’s wake service at Nirvana Memorial Park. Although not knowing her that much, the purpose I go there is to pray for her and her family. This kind of scenario gives hard impact to me as it reminds me to appreciate each and every breath that GOD gives me. Rev Chua is surely very sad and for your information, he was the one who baptised me last year.

Tomorrow is another exciting journey for me ---- theology class on religion. Prince Lychee has sudden business trip to Sibu, thus not joining for the 1st class.

P/S: Ding dong ding dong is in the air. May GOD bless the class and strengthen those who prepare and join. Ding dong ding dong is back to foyer lembaran. I took up the 1st wave, ended, here comes 2nd wave. Reminding every one of us that ding dong ding dong is not carrying Apple Sis's shadow, let it shines in GOD's glory ya. Encourage brothers and sisters to grow deep in GOD together.
Siaw Ping
Good morning JESUS.
From now on, always remind myself to greet Jesus in the morning.
Although at first a bit paiseh, it's a nice thing to start with.

I am here to introduce my new toy. Crystal puzzle....

The first one, yellow star...

A couple of swans...sweet sweet...

Yellow pieces all over the place

and transformed to.... my bear...

yeah, adding another collection to bear family~
Siaw Ping
This week is considered a free-and-easy week for me. No due date to meet.

Thank GOD for comforting me whenever i need HIM. I have a book in my hand, Take it to heart. It is a good devotional book whereby every article is accompanied with a few bible verses to support. I flicked through it again....

I have worries in my mind now. Not knowing how to take it.

Morning call this morning somehow has distracted me. I can’t concentrate even when i am chatting with my colleagues. I typed out the prayer item which is the previous post.

I am so thankful that I have a circle of Christian colleagues in Yokogawa. Although we don’t officially meet each other, we know there is always someone in office supporting us anytime. I share the prayer item with Yokogawa Christian loop, and I receive a few emails from them encouraging me to be strong and will also keep me in prayer. How great is our GOD to gather us in one family.

Tomorrow is another exciting trip for me. Kemamam, a new place in my dictionary. Gonna pack my good mood there. I got my own room with everything equipped, 32” TV, coffee & tea maker, air-cond, wifi etc, should enjoy it with good mood, right?

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous be shaken.
Psalm 55:22

Xiao ping guo, be strong and continue to ‘super-glue’ smile on your face. Remember that GOD always make you smile so that you smile at others.
Siaw Ping
Good morning everyone.

Another month ended and here comes the new month.
I called back home this morning jubilantly, however, ended up with sadness.

My aunty was admitted into hospital last week and now my uncle was admitted last night, around 11pm.
Their days are numbered and I feel sorry for this.
They are now in Sarikei, Sarawak and I am living far away from them, not being able to fly back.

My dad is not feeling well, but he denies to go for medical check-up etc.
Many of my father’s family members passed away due to cancer.

Tomorrow I will be going to Terengganu for working purpose.
It is a good opportunity for me to go out and explore but I welcome this news down-heartedly.

I pray that I am strong enough to go through this.
Do keep me in prayer. Thanks a lot.

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. Psalm 23:1

GOD bless.