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What do you think of when you come across the word “MANIS”?

Kind of taste?

Chocolate cake?

Romantic date?

No no no…. the modern-era meaning of “MANIS” is an phone application where we can convert receipts into rewards. Just as the tagline of the application implies, “Where everything counts”.

We always like to set criteria for our target. We love dress that got lots of laces, we love blue mountain coffee which is highly graded, we want internet speed which can load once we click…..etc.

SO, what are the criteria of becoming the user of MANIS? Hey hey, it is as easy as ABC.

You just need to collect receipt, don’t throw them away. In the olden days, receipt is just a piece of paper to avoid the “bee bee” sound when we pass by the security check machine at the exit, or it is just a “saman” to claim the money back from our friends who always do “online shopping” via friends. LOL…

And…. There are rules & regulations to follow as well.
  • Receipt must be uploaded on the same day of the transaction being performed
  • Allowed to upload two receipts from each outlet daily
  • Some ineligible receipts like utility bills, parking tickets, prepaid top-ups etc
How do you earn points/rewards?

Step 1 : KEEP the receipt…keep the receipt…
I need to highlight this as most of us have the habit of throwing them away.

Step 2 : In MANIS app, PRESS the red circle button with $ sign to upload a new receipt

Step 3 : SEARCH for the merchant
Example : I got AEON receipt with me. So, I search AEON with the correct merchant location.

Step 4 : KEY in the amount spent. (RM 1 spent = 1 MANIS point)

 Step 5 : CROP the receipt
 Step 6 : “YES, UPLOAD” the receipt
Step 7 : WAIT for verification
You will need patience for step 7. After uploading, continue doing your work like normal and you will receive the notification SOON… written in the T&C, they will need approximately 5 days for verification.

Step 8 : REDEEM the rewards
You can redeem the rewards in the rewards store once your points are sufficient. There are lots of E-voucher that you can use. Personally, I prefer grocery vouchers which are not available at the moment. Guess the demand is so high as there are many mummies (like me) who are the MANIS fans.
I like MANIS because …. ….

The reasons are M.A.N.I.S also….. see whether you can read my minds or not. Have fun having wild guess~ if you get 100% correct, don’t forget to claim a gift from me personally….

Hmm…. The gift is…. You will know it when you get 100% correct… Be honest ya!!

“M” stands for Maniac
“A” stands for Award-winning feeling
“N” stands for Nagging app
“I” stands for Informative
“S” stands for Service


Letter M

Do you still remember that couple of months ago there was a phone game that people from different ages are so crazy about it? That is, the POKEMON GO. You can see people looking at the phone searching for POKEMON, be it in the park or shopping mall….or washroom too…
Now, MANIS has changed my family into “receipt maniac” whereby we are so busy keeping the receipts when we spend on something. Besides that, we remind each other to keep the receipt when we go out together. Sound so strange right? haha… but it is fun.

I have photoshop a picture. This picture speaks thousand words. Those who are MANIS-an, you understand ME.
Letter A

Once I have uploaded the receipts, I will receive notification on the verification results. Of course, most of the time, my receipts are approved and I earn points.

You’ve just earned XXX points from AEON.
You’ve just earned XXX points from Tesco Puchong.
You’ve just earned XXX points from Giant.

Yeah, I will receive these messagesSSss and they make me happy and kind of award-winning feeling. There is nowhere I can “win” for so many times within few days. Oh, the winning prizes are in the form of “POINTS” and still, I need to accumulate in order to redeem something from the rewards store. It doesn’t matter as I am still earning points from FOC piece of paper despite my spending.
Letter N

I am a nagging mother where I always nag at all the don’t at home.
This app is also “nagging” at me when I upload wrongly. Okay, sometimes, I just forget to upload within the allowance period. Plus, I am not the one printing the receipt, if they are blurred, I can do nothing also.

My MANIS mummy always nags at me :-
  • Receipt photo is blurry/too dark/incomplete
  • Receipt uploaded more than 24 hours after transaction time
  • Invalid receipt uploaded
Anyhow, she still cares for me as she gives me POINTS. Haha. Bananana….
 Letter I

MANIS is informative in two ways, one is for myself and another is for the commercial market.

There is a summary of my receipts. They are categorized into different areas and I can see where my money flies into. It is a good way to manage my monthly expenses. 

On the other hand, the receipts uploaded are converted into statistics or data to company who is paying the advertising rate. The commercial market will be aware of the market value of different kinds of products and in return, they will be able to build up better marketing scheme.

I am only a consumer but I am glad that I can be part of the statistics in order to boost up the sales in view of the economy downtime.

Letter S

Again, it is all about service when we are the user. Recently, one of my receipts was rejected and I disagree with the reason given. So I lodged written complaint to MANIS. Glad that it was resolved within one week.

When I browse through MANIS facebook page, I observe that MANIS answers/replies almost all of the feedbacks or comments. Credit to the person who is replying all day long, the job is not easy especially when complaints are making the way in. 
Lastly, I feel so SWEET lah using MANIS.

Come and join us. Kindly click the link below to be in the line.
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我来个特别的,写写对这位朋友这位妈咪的印象。对于网购的时代,卖家的背景也是很重要的,大大影响可信度哦。这位朋友是学长岩石哥哥紧紧牵着手放在心上的太太。为什么我这么说呢?岩石哥哥眼光高,在大学没看上谁,毕业后认识了岩石嫂不久,就deng deng deng结婚了。那时,我就特别想认识岩石嫂,有什么魅力把岩石哥哥抓得紧紧的。






Siaw Ping
During Eden’s time, I have heard of food powder but I am not really into it. Instead, I prefer to prepare fresh food for him and at the same time, I spend more time preparing all his meals as well as for the whole family. After having two, time is really running fast and I have to increase my productivity. Sadly to say, I am getting “steadily” (in other sense, slower) in doing housework. Somehow, I take my own sweet time “enjoying” the housework. Guess what, when I have unfinished housework each day, I feel something is just not right.

Thus I am seeking approaches in making things easier and faster. I come across MommyJ Handmade Food Powder in one facebook group. I was attracted by the shout-out “100% pure ingredients”. My own traditional mindset is that only freshly cooked meal is healthy and better. So, I am keen to try on this product.

Big thanks and hugs to MommyJ for her willingness to share the goodness of the food powder. I am surprised at her generosity in sharing the product especially when she told me she was going to deliver a CNY gift box to me. To add credit, they deliver personally to my office to ensure the gift box reached safely.

The CNY Gift Box is so supreme!! 

 When you unwrap the box…
There are six varieties that I received:-
a)      AnXin Chicken
b)      Premium Whitebait
 c)      Premium Scallop (Scallop?? Yes, scallop!!)
 d)      Natural Kombu
 e)      Organic Mushroom
 f)      Premium Anchovy
I am so excited in trying it. I open one by one to find out the physical outlook of the “powder”. Are they really “powdered” as advertised? Yeap, to my amazement, they are in real powder form. Let’s talk about the taste and smell. It only has mild smell and the taste is light. I tasted AnXin Chicken and it got very very light taste of chicken. Hmm…. 100% pure ingredient “checked”.
Besides using it for baby food, I also use it for daily cooking. I don’t use ajinomoto at home. Less salt, less oil…. And Prince Lychee always says that my dishes are quite 清淡… guess that is the “sacrifice” to have healthier lifestyle. Recently, I “top-up” my dishes with MommyJ Food Powder. Deng deng deng, they turn out to be nicer and more tempting and proudly I still can call them healthy food.

Dish 1: Seafood Spinach Mee (top up with natural kombu and organic mushroom powder)
 Dish 2 :Fried Japanese Tauhu (Top up with organic mushroom powder)
 Dish 3 : Stewed chicken (top up with AnXin chicken and organic mushroom powder)
 Dish 4 : Fried cabbage (top up with premium anchovy and organic mushroom powder)
 Dish 5 : Greenery Fried Rice (top up with AnXin chicken and mushroom powder)
Find out that I really like organic mushroom powder. Personally, I seldom mix too many things together. I will add similar category ingredients to bring out the outstanding taste.
There are few unique features about it:-

  • Never use salt, sugar, additive or solvent
These are especially important when this is to be consumed by baby. Evan will be the next guinea pig when he recovers from his flu.

  • Careful selection of PREMIUM ingredients
  • Careful write-up
Each variety is written carefully the suitability age for baby/toddler to consume and nutrients in it.

  • Long consuming period
At first, I feel so reluctant to open and consume. I thought they will be consumed fast. To my astonishment, after I have been using it for few weeks, I still have about 75% of the glass bottle remaining in my kitchen. It is worth trying as it can “tahan makan”. They got strong reason to be priced at such level.

  • Ease to travel
Imagine bringing vege, steamer, mini fridge around with little naughty angel~~ food powder is the modern helper when we travel around. Just bring along food jar, sprinkle on the porridge/rice and that is! Easy enhancement of nutrient !

  • Gift box availability
From time to time, MommyJ will prepare gift box according to festive season. It would be an ideal gift for mummies. You will put a big “wow” and big smile on their faces.

I enjoy this product and hope that you do as well.

Purchase Option :-
1) Online purchase directly with MommyJ , just drop them a FB message:

2) Available at selected Jaya Grocer & Ben's Independent Grocer

For more information, please visit :

Siaw Ping
Breastfeeding is a trend nowadays. There are a lot of knowledge available for successful breastfeeding. There is also a facebook group that share experience on breastfeeding by mothers from all walks of life.

This is my second breastfeeding journey and it starts off easier and smoother. During my first breastfeeding journey, I had tried various milk booster food but it did not really show any obvious increase in supply. I saw many mothers taking lactation cookies but I “feel” I don’t need such to help me.

Then, I realize more and more of my friends are selling lactation cookies and this makes me curious on how do lactation cookies work. I come across Twelve Ounces Lactation Cookies but I have doubt in buying and trying it. Thus, I try my luck to request for trial set.

It is so kind that this beautiful manager offered me whole set of lactation cookies under Twelve Ounces. I am overjoyed at this privilege for trying and writing a review about it.
Undeniably, breast milk is the gift from GOD for mothers to feed their babies and the nutrients are incomparable.  However, we, mummies are always juggling with insufficient supply. This premier reason will lead to some other issues like baby is not full, working with anxiety etc. Thus, taking lactation cookies is one of the easier and yummy ways to ease the burden. As a proof, there are many mummies sharing good results after taking the cookies.

Let me introduce Twelve Ounces before I share my own experience.

Twelve Ounces Lactation Cookies are home-made with love from “galactogogue “ which contain natural ingredients to increase milk supply, such as flax-seeds, rolled oats, habbatus saudha (generally known as black seeds) and virgin coconut oil. To add on, Twelve Ounces is safe for mothers and baby having G6PD deficiency. It does not contain nuts, heat-ty herbs and gluten or dairy foods.

I was given three flavours, namely, less sweet, strawberry milkshake and chocolate chips.
 Less Sweet
 Strawberry Milkshake
 Chocolate chips – I like this the most

I come to know that there are different ways of taking it for different categories. I fall under category pump and direct latch. So it is recommended to take 4-6 pieces 5 hours before pumping session until second jar is finished followed by 4 pieces alternate days for third and forth jar. I have tried up to three jars.

In average, I can get 5 oz each session every 3 hours. This supply is just enough for Evan with additional few packs of milk in freezer. When I finished 2nd jar, my supply increases another 1.5 oz that occasionally I can get 6.5-7 oz per session. I do hope each session I got such quantity but my supply is fluctuating from day to day. Hmmm…. 
If you ask me how do I feel about this product? I would say I don’t feel guilty taking the cookies as I know the ingredients are natural and healthy. Normally, when I take too much of cookies, I will have sore throat. Two pieces of cookies are considered as “too much”. After taking it for three weeks, I am still actively singing. So, it is a great snack as well.

On the other hand, when my first period (after 15 months) came, my supply is maintained and does not drop. I think somehow the cookies play part of the role in it since I am consuming it within the period. Cheers~

Bear in minds that cookies with so many benefits, the price is also higher than normal cookies. The normal price is RM39/jar and RM150 for 4 jars (Price may vary, please do check before purchase). There are 15 pieces in a jar.

If you wish to know more about Twelve Ounces Lactation Cookies, please look for “Twelve Ounces” in Facebook. They are setting up the website and I believe in near future you will be able to have more information there. You can contact any of the distributors.

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When I was young, said less than 24 years old, I was always looking towards my birthday celebration. It is the only event whereby I become the centre of celebration. It is also the time when I happen to blow candles for so many times within 24 hours. What I like about is I can make wishessSSss within 24 hours and wishes remain wishes all over the years.

During primary school days, we were so crazy about F4 after watching “Meteor Garden 流星花园”.

One of the member 周渝民 sang one song called "Make a Wish".
The lyrics sings like this :

让我们 Make a wish make a wish
一起约定看最美风景 这一切都不会是梦境
只要你全心全意 相

Nice song, right?

To those who wish to listen to the song, please click at the link below.

It is so great that Shopback is organizing “Win a Wish” contest and I am so excited to list down my “IT wish” which I may win via online platform.

Item 1 for VIP who wins my heart

G-shock GA-1100-9G
*Price : RM 799 (Lazada)

Yeah, expensive and branded watch for Him. I still remember when we were small, we got this kind of watch which features Ninja Turtle or Spiderman and we need to flip over to read the time.

As the man of the family, he needs to “WATCH” over our family. Of course, he got expectations to meet in his lengthy list. However, he always put family as the top priority of all. We only have 24 hours in a day and action items are getting more and more from day to day. The watch is not only keeping him in the right pace for right thing but also keeps him looking glamorous wearing it.

The price RM 799 sounds like 气久久 (being angry for long period of time). Indeed, marriage is full of challenges when two from different backgrounds become one in the family. There will be quarrels, arguments that lead to anger (气), but it is also another blessed journey when I find heart beats in my wombs.

We are a family of four now.  

Item 2 for VIP who first calls me Mama

Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk 850g x 10

*Price : RM 74 x 10 = RM740 (Lazada)

This is our first son, Eden’s favourite drink. He is 2 ½ years old now. As a mother, definitely we share similar feeling when we got our first kid, feel warmed and touched upon his arrival. We give all the best we can think of to him. The first gift I give to him is the golden breast milk and thankfully he was breastfed till 18 months until his brother was “blooming” in me. Living “organically” is somehow not our cup of tea but we just hope to give him better food intake a little further down the road.

We hope to put a BIG smile on his face whenever he is having the drink and says “yummy”. It is so motivating when we see our kids smiling.

Item 3 for VIP who blessed with brotherly love

Merries L54 (3 packs) x3

*Price : RM 237x3=RM711 (Lazada)

It was such a vivid memory of giving birth second son, Evan at 34 weeks pregnancy. Evan is blessed because he got an elder brother to “saying” him since birth. Both of them share parent’s love but they share brotherly love to each other. They are good friends now.

Till now, both of my kids never try Merries diaper before. It would be such a privilege if Evan got the chance to enjoy the comfort of Merries as shared by other mummies. This would keep him happier throughout the day and when he starts walking…. He will be very active walking here and there wearing the luxurious diaper just like he is on top of the world.

Item 4 for the family
 Expedia E-voucher

Price : RM 777 (Expedia)

Link : N/A

We are Sarawakian. Every year, we are struggling with CNY air tickets. Our family is expanding from year to year and thus cost to fly back to Sarawak for family gathering is increasing tremendously. Both of us are working parents but we want to make more trips back home. With this E-voucher, we can go back home to have once-in-a-blue-moon gathering and at the same time enjoy spacious and better airlines services. 

Item 5 for VIP who is the cook of the family
Lazada E-voucher
Price : RM 777 (Lazada)

Link : N/A

I guess I am LAZADA fans. Anything I need I just type “LAZADA” to have a search first. There are so many necessities that can fill up our home by having this E-voucher. My VIP members will be very excited seeing all the goodies. We can get a good blender to prepare fresh fruit juice, an oven to bake cakes, Tupperware containers to keep healthy snacks etc. Those are essential helping hands to me as a working mother. The extraordinary dishes on the table will be an added laughter booster to my family especially in this era of high-perking living standard.

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How does ShopBack work?

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