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Nowadays, you can see friends signing up for gyms and having healthier lifestyle. Health conscious awareness is getting more and more profound.

I believe many of you heard of overnight oats before or maybe you are trying to make them. I am one of them who try to make by myself following the recipe shared online. However, to my disappointment, the oats turn out to be NOT tasty at all. I am milk/yogurt/dairy craver but I find that my overnight oats are not nice to eat. So I stop trying and of course no more taking.

After approximately one year, the term “overnight oats” become popular as many mummies start to sell the home-made overnight oats. So I decided to give “SECOND” chances to try them out. Thanks to “BlackNbeige Cravings” for willing to share with me the home-made overnight oats and yogurt parfait as well as detox drink.

I was surprised by this large cooling box when the delivery man sent over to my office. The items were nicely packed and safely kept. Considering that I might not be having any space to keep in office, the home-maker provided the cooling box for my convenience. How thoughtful she is!
I was given 3 overnight oats and 2 yogurt parfait as well as 1 bottle of detox drink. Let me share with you the closer look and personal experience on these.

Number 1 : Avocado Cocoa Chia Oat

You can see that there are cubes of avocado around the jar. I try this first as my boy, Eden likes avocado. Expectedly, he likes this jar the most compared with other jars. He was sitting on the chair, looking excitedly to me scooping the mouthful oats mixture. I am surprised to find out that cocoa and avocado can live under the same “jar”, cocoa neutralizes the milky taste of avocado, adding together the coarse texture of the oats…yummy~

Number 2 : Apple Cinnamon Chia Oat

All the while cinnamon is not my cup of tea as I find out the taste is too strong, whether it is mixed in bread or coffee. However, the mixture of sourness and sweetness of the apple balance out the strong taste of cinnamon. 

Number 3 : Passion Honey Chia Oat

Sorry for the “incomplete” photo. I was too eager to try till I forget to take the photo before I eat. Luckily I remember to take a photo before finishing it~ you can eat “real” passion fruits in it, not the type of artificial fluid form sold in the market. If my husband got the chance to try this, he will definitely love this.

Number  4 : Berries Parfait

This is the first yogurt that I am able to scoop berry after berry for every scoop. Normally, when we eat the one bought in market, you can hardly find few pieces of berries in it. Thank you to the home maker who is willing to put in so many berries to boost up the taste. To those who are berry lovers, you better try this out.

Number 5 : Mango Parfait

The mango is sweet and you will feel nourished by vitamin C as this parfait is rich in mango. The taste is just nice as the mild sourness from the yogurt blend well with sweetness from mango.

Number 6 : Detox drink
The home-maker calls the detox drink as “Chloroplus”. I believe this kind of colour is not well welcomed, so as me, but I was a bit surprised that the taste is not that “green” and in fact it is nice. I can tell u I can gulp the whole bottle without second thought.

Specialty : Snack bites
I was given two small packets of those nutty and crunchy bites. So I kept it and consumed both during my last jar. Besides putting them inside the oats, I also tried eating them as they are. I still prefer to mix them together with oats/yogurt parfait as the bites add crunchiness to the texture.

On top of that, BlackNbeige engages with business partner who does local organic vegetables and imported fruits delivery. They supply the pesticidefree/organic fruits for oats/yogurts. They are healthy and safe for consumption.

Food can last for 7 days refrigerated and unopened.

Product information :-

220ml jar
Oat rm14 
Parfait rm15

Chloroplus rm10
Berry Infusion rm11
Tropical Infusion rm11
Brownies available in 8" or 10" 
(Remark: I haven’t tried brownies, so I don’t elaborate much on this)

Self pick up/ free delivery: Kota Damansara.

Min order 6 jars for delivery.
Delivery charge Rm5-15 depending on location.

Every 12 empty jars returned gets 1 foc jar upon next min order.

**Wow, recycling concept. Great idea!!

Retailing at: (with*additional 6% gst)
• MAKAN by RedCherryStore @pop JayaOne
• M+ natural remedy & pharmacy Bangsar Shopping Center

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