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This is the second time I am writing a review for her.

Previous post was regarding her lactation cookies. You can view it at

AGAIN, I really appreciate her effort for delivering the overnight oats by herself and I am glad that I manage to meet her in person. She is such a Black Beauty and we have more chit-chats after the meet-up.

I was given two types of overnight oats, Honey Roasted Walnut Cranberry Overnight Oats and another was Almond Chocolate Chips Overnight Oats. 
 The first one I tried was Honey Roasted Walnut Cranberry Overnight Oats.

 can you spot the crunchy honey roasted walnut?

I like the honey roasted walnut very much. Personally, I don’t like walnut as they are tasteless but as it is honey roasted, the walnut turns out to be very delicious. The sourness from cranberry add a little bit of wonders to the texture.

On the other hand, the oats were a bit dry and I believe it is because I consume them after few days I received them. I received them on Sat but I only consume them on Monday as I wanna to enjoy during my working days.

I reverted to the black beauty mummy about my findings. She told me that she used water instead of milk as some of the consumers are vegan. She didn’t question my enquiry; instead, she sought for improvement. She accepted my comment with open heart and will improve in next batch. I admire her on this. 

Second one was Almond Chocolate Chips Overnight Oats.
Full of chocolate chips and almond flakes

This one turns out to be yummy. I guess because I am a chocolate lover. Hehe.

Besides serving the purpose as milk booster, oat is great to be served as healthy breakfast too.

Later on I discovered that she has a kid that is allergy to dairy products, so her kid only can take breastmilk. She is trying all means to boost up breastmilk and that is the reason her lactation cookies & overnight oats come into the picture. My heart told me to share some of her stories here as I know there are always stories behind every mummy.

Sometimes, starting up a business may not easy but we, mummies are always looking for ways to give the best to our family. The same goes to this mummy who started off with “Accidentalbliss” and she is still striving very hard for her family. Her products are not merely food but gesture of love shown to her family as well. I feel her and I really love making a new friend like her.

If you wish to know more about her or her products, do visit
Upcoming products are teething necklace and bracelets. Let’s anticipate it.
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