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Breastfeeding is a trend nowadays. There are a lot of knowledge available for successful breastfeeding. There is also a facebook group that share experience on breastfeeding by mothers from all walks of life.

This is my second breastfeeding journey and it starts off easier and smoother. During my first breastfeeding journey, I had tried various milk booster food but it did not really show any obvious increase in supply. I saw many mothers taking lactation cookies but I “feel” I don’t need such to help me.

Then, I realize more and more of my friends are selling lactation cookies and this makes me curious on how do lactation cookies work. I come across Twelve Ounces Lactation Cookies but I have doubt in buying and trying it. Thus, I try my luck to request for trial set.

It is so kind that this beautiful manager offered me whole set of lactation cookies under Twelve Ounces. I am overjoyed at this privilege for trying and writing a review about it.
Undeniably, breast milk is the gift from GOD for mothers to feed their babies and the nutrients are incomparable.  However, we, mummies are always juggling with insufficient supply. This premier reason will lead to some other issues like baby is not full, working with anxiety etc. Thus, taking lactation cookies is one of the easier and yummy ways to ease the burden. As a proof, there are many mummies sharing good results after taking the cookies.

Let me introduce Twelve Ounces before I share my own experience.

Twelve Ounces Lactation Cookies are home-made with love from “galactogogue “ which contain natural ingredients to increase milk supply, such as flax-seeds, rolled oats, habbatus saudha (generally known as black seeds) and virgin coconut oil. To add on, Twelve Ounces is safe for mothers and baby having G6PD deficiency. It does not contain nuts, heat-ty herbs and gluten or dairy foods.

I was given three flavours, namely, less sweet, strawberry milkshake and chocolate chips.
 Less Sweet
 Strawberry Milkshake
 Chocolate chips – I like this the most

I come to know that there are different ways of taking it for different categories. I fall under category pump and direct latch. So it is recommended to take 4-6 pieces 5 hours before pumping session until second jar is finished followed by 4 pieces alternate days for third and forth jar. I have tried up to three jars.

In average, I can get 5 oz each session every 3 hours. This supply is just enough for Evan with additional few packs of milk in freezer. When I finished 2nd jar, my supply increases another 1.5 oz that occasionally I can get 6.5-7 oz per session. I do hope each session I got such quantity but my supply is fluctuating from day to day. Hmmm…. 
If you ask me how do I feel about this product? I would say I don’t feel guilty taking the cookies as I know the ingredients are natural and healthy. Normally, when I take too much of cookies, I will have sore throat. Two pieces of cookies are considered as “too much”. After taking it for three weeks, I am still actively singing. So, it is a great snack as well.

On the other hand, when my first period (after 15 months) came, my supply is maintained and does not drop. I think somehow the cookies play part of the role in it since I am consuming it within the period. Cheers~

Bear in minds that cookies with so many benefits, the price is also higher than normal cookies. The normal price is RM39/jar and RM150 for 4 jars (Price may vary, please do check before purchase). There are 15 pieces in a jar.

If you wish to know more about Twelve Ounces Lactation Cookies, please look for “Twelve Ounces” in Facebook. They are setting up the website and I believe in near future you will be able to have more information there. You can contact any of the distributors.

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