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During Eden’s time, I have heard of food powder but I am not really into it. Instead, I prefer to prepare fresh food for him and at the same time, I spend more time preparing all his meals as well as for the whole family. After having two, time is really running fast and I have to increase my productivity. Sadly to say, I am getting “steadily” (in other sense, slower) in doing housework. Somehow, I take my own sweet time “enjoying” the housework. Guess what, when I have unfinished housework each day, I feel something is just not right.

Thus I am seeking approaches in making things easier and faster. I come across MommyJ Handmade Food Powder in one facebook group. I was attracted by the shout-out “100% pure ingredients”. My own traditional mindset is that only freshly cooked meal is healthy and better. So, I am keen to try on this product.

Big thanks and hugs to MommyJ for her willingness to share the goodness of the food powder. I am surprised at her generosity in sharing the product especially when she told me she was going to deliver a CNY gift box to me. To add credit, they deliver personally to my office to ensure the gift box reached safely.

The CNY Gift Box is so supreme!! 

 When you unwrap the box…
There are six varieties that I received:-
a)      AnXin Chicken
b)      Premium Whitebait
 c)      Premium Scallop (Scallop?? Yes, scallop!!)
 d)      Natural Kombu
 e)      Organic Mushroom
 f)      Premium Anchovy
I am so excited in trying it. I open one by one to find out the physical outlook of the “powder”. Are they really “powdered” as advertised? Yeap, to my amazement, they are in real powder form. Let’s talk about the taste and smell. It only has mild smell and the taste is light. I tasted AnXin Chicken and it got very very light taste of chicken. Hmm…. 100% pure ingredient “checked”.
Besides using it for baby food, I also use it for daily cooking. I don’t use ajinomoto at home. Less salt, less oil…. And Prince Lychee always says that my dishes are quite 清淡… guess that is the “sacrifice” to have healthier lifestyle. Recently, I “top-up” my dishes with MommyJ Food Powder. Deng deng deng, they turn out to be nicer and more tempting and proudly I still can call them healthy food.

Dish 1: Seafood Spinach Mee (top up with natural kombu and organic mushroom powder)
 Dish 2 :Fried Japanese Tauhu (Top up with organic mushroom powder)
 Dish 3 : Stewed chicken (top up with AnXin chicken and organic mushroom powder)
 Dish 4 : Fried cabbage (top up with premium anchovy and organic mushroom powder)
 Dish 5 : Greenery Fried Rice (top up with AnXin chicken and mushroom powder)
Find out that I really like organic mushroom powder. Personally, I seldom mix too many things together. I will add similar category ingredients to bring out the outstanding taste.
There are few unique features about it:-

  • Never use salt, sugar, additive or solvent
These are especially important when this is to be consumed by baby. Evan will be the next guinea pig when he recovers from his flu.

  • Careful selection of PREMIUM ingredients
  • Careful write-up
Each variety is written carefully the suitability age for baby/toddler to consume and nutrients in it.

  • Long consuming period
At first, I feel so reluctant to open and consume. I thought they will be consumed fast. To my astonishment, after I have been using it for few weeks, I still have about 75% of the glass bottle remaining in my kitchen. It is worth trying as it can “tahan makan”. They got strong reason to be priced at such level.

  • Ease to travel
Imagine bringing vege, steamer, mini fridge around with little naughty angel~~ food powder is the modern helper when we travel around. Just bring along food jar, sprinkle on the porridge/rice and that is! Easy enhancement of nutrient !

  • Gift box availability
From time to time, MommyJ will prepare gift box according to festive season. It would be an ideal gift for mummies. You will put a big “wow” and big smile on their faces.

I enjoy this product and hope that you do as well.

Purchase Option :-
1) Online purchase directly with MommyJ , just drop them a FB message:

2) Available at selected Jaya Grocer & Ben's Independent Grocer

For more information, please visit :

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