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Yeah, I am here again to share delicious lactation cookies home-made by “Accidentalbliss”.

The cookies are nicely packed and I was having them together with Kinohitmitsu  superfood lady as my breakfast.
Accidentalbliss regards their lactation cookies as Lacteatkies. All ingrediants are organic base. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is used instead of butter to ensure it is healthy and clean eating even for moms in confinement. Thanks to Accidentalbliss for sharing the goodness of the cookies with me.

Currently the choices available are Chocolate Chips and Cranberry. We can add on nuts which can either be walnut or almond. If want dairy free, it'll be cranberry. I was given both choices to try. 
Left : chocolate chips ; Right : Cranberry

Other milk boosting ingredients include Organic Flaxseed, Organic Brewers Yeast and Organic Rolled Oats.  The home maker ensures that everything is organic for healthy and clean eating. The big word “organic” attracts me, I am not an organic-led person but I appreciate the benefit of it. I had tried them and personally I like cranberry very much. The cookies are not sweet though but with added cranberry or chocolate chips, the taste blends well altogether.

When I munched on it, unexpectedly, I got mouthful of nuts fragrant instead of flour like normal cookies. I can see that the home maker is willing to put in “real” ingredients. The cookies are tasty and I hope I can have more to taste…

I learn new term when dealing with the home-maker, which is “soft-baked”. Lacteatkies are soft baked cookies to ensure the yeast function is at optimal condition. Once it is opened, it can be kept in air tight container up to 4 weeks or keep in refrigerator and nuke in microwave for 10 - 15 seconds for warm cookie.

Price : RM 38 for 300 gram for Chocolate Chips and Cranberry Lacteatkies, buy 3 for RM 105.

There will be 14-16 cookies in 300 gram pack, depending on the weight of each cookie.

For Cranberry Walnut Lacteatkies RM 42 for 300 gram, buy 3 for rm 120

There will be promotion for Mother's Day. I will update once it is available.

If you wish to know more information, kindly contact +60126542705 or contact via Instagram, FB (, Twitter: accidentalbliss
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